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Submission + - No bomb powerful enough to destroy an on-rushing asteroid, sorry Bruce Willis-> 2

coondoggie writes: "Maybe it's the doom predictions some folks are fearing about the end of the Mayan calendar this year or maybe these guys are obsessed with old Bruce Willis movies. Either way a class of physics students from the University of Leicester decided to evaluate whether or not the premise of Willis' 1998 "Armageddon" movie — where a group of oil drillers is sent by NASA to detonate nuclear devices on an asteroid that threatens to destroy Earth — could actually happen."
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No bomb powerful enough to destroy an on-rushing asteroid, sorry Bruce Willis

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  • If Bruce Willis can get rid of it with a nuke I guess he's just going to have to drop the asteroid off the Nakatomi tower.
  • 800 trillion terajoules wouldn't split the asteroid, it'd fracture it to dust and burn the facing side of earth's biosphere to boot. And then the dust would impact with the same energy as the original asteroid.

    The students have capped bad science with... more bad science.

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