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+ - Windows Phone 8 SDK Leaked->

Submitted by mikejuk
mikejuk (1801200) writes "The SKD for the new Windows Phone 8 has been leaked via a Chinese website. What it reveals for the developer is that WP8 is a restart. You can convert your existing WP7 Silverlight apps to the new WinPRT API but you can't create or maintain existing Silverlight or XNA applications that target WP8. You can't even convert existing XNA apps except by hand.
There are also enough differences between Windows 8 WinRT apps and WP8 apps to make life difficult.
The final big shock is that JavaScript apps are not supported. So basically if you developed your Windows 8 app using JavaScript thinking that you could port it to WP8 you are out of luck.
So in one move Microsoft has upset a good range of developers. WP7 Silverlight and XNA apps are now legacy and JavaScript apps just have to wait their turn.
It probably would have been better to stick to WP7 and just make it a bit better."

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Windows Phone 8 SDK Leaked

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