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Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Advice for Budding Scientist? 1

everithe writes: Dear Slashdot, I am nearing the end of my undergraduate years and hoping to continue on in academia, probably focusing on condensed matter Physics. Recently I've noticed some alarming pessimism amongst Slashdotters about the state of science, that fraud is rampant and that people honestly trying to do science are less likely to be recognised and obtain tenure. Obviously I am very interested in doing real and useful science, but am worried that this could conflict with my ability to put food on the table. My question is, how bad is it really, and do you have any advice for how one just starting out might survive in such an environment?
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Ask Slashdot: Advice for Budding Scientist?

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  • As a group, I consider Slashdotters to be a rather cynical bunch. Not meant insultingly, but I mean in a sort of curmudgeonly way.

    I would not take a survey of Slashdot about the subject without also asking the opinion of professionals who have been there, like maybe Brian Cox.

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