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+ - Pieces of Einstein's Brain Now on Display

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Hugh Pickens writes
Hugh Pickens writes writes "For nearly half a century the pickled brain of Albert Einstein has roamed the world — in Tupperware containers, courier packages, and, most famously, car trunks but now if you've ever wondered what the brain of a genius looks like, make your way to Philadelphia's Mütter Museum and Historical Medical Library where for the first time visitors can view 45 brain slides of the brain of Albert Einstein and see one magnified under a lens. "He was a unique individual," says museum curator Anna Dhody. "and to have the organ that's most associated with intelligence of this great man is a wonderful opportunity." The brain slices have had a strange journey since Einstein's death in 1955 at age 76 from an abdominal aneurism. Pathologist Thomas Harvey completed Einstein's autopsy, then removed Einstein's brain as part of standard autopsy procedure — and failed to put it back. Harvey later said that Einstein's son had given him permission to take the scientist's brain, but the Einstein family disputed that claim. Einstein's brain will be in good company at the museum, which also boasts displays of a tumor from President Glover Cleveland and neck tissue from John Wilkes Booth."
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Pieces of Einstein's Brain Now on Display

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