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+ - Smallest ever "electric-car" made of just one mole->

Submitted by FBeans
FBeans (2201802) writes ""Scientists have shown off what can be described as the world's smallest electric car — made of a single, carefully designed molecule."

He continues, "The molecule has four branches that act as wheels, rotating when a tiny metal tip applied a small current to them."

Unfortunately it seems the car isn't going anywhere fast. After 10 electrical bursts it had only traveled six billionths of a meter. Further to this though, the car only works in -266C whist in a high vacuum. Dr Kudernac, the lead author on the paper, seems optimistic despite the potential road blocks that the single-molecule car faces.

"There are ways to play around," he said. "That's what we chemists do — we try to design molecules for particular purposes, and I don't see any fundamental limitations."

There is a long road ahead for this area of chemistry and it is yet to be know if there will be any real application of the smallest car in the world."

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Smallest ever "electric-car" made of just one mole

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