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+ - Linus thinks virtualization is "evil"-> 1

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crdotson writes "Linus said in an interview that he thinks virtualization is "evil" because he prefers to deal with the real hardware. Hardware virtualization allows for better barriers between systems by running multiple OSes on the same hardware, but OS-level virtualization allows similar barriers without a hypervisor between the kernel and the hardware. Should we expect more focus on OS-level virtualization such as Linux-VServer, OpenVZ, and LXC?"
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Linus thinks virtualization is "evil"

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  • No current OS-level virtualization solutions that I could find (including those listed in the article) allow you to run a differnet operating system as a guest.

    I do all my serious work under Linux, however as a gamer I also need to run Windows, which I do under a VM for a couple of reasons:

    1) I just dont trust Microsoft with my privacy or hardware.
    2) By keeping a good VM image and only using copies of it, You can break the need to ever have to reinstall windows, which is the only real solution I've ever fou

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