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+ - New Bill makes Streaming a Felony-> 3

Submitted by halfEvilTech
halfEvilTech (1171369) writes "Two months ago, the Obama administration asked Congress to make illicit online streaming of copyrighted movies and TV shows a felony. Such a bill has now been introduced by two senators.

So now even streaming a Movie across the internet could be considered more severe than say a DUI. Not to mention what this would do in states with 3 strikes laws for felonies."

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New Bill makes Streaming a Felony

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  • We definitely need this. "More severe than a DUI." That should be a requirement. "Senators, before we vote on this bill, we will begin a comparison of the severity of the crime with moderate to serious misdemeanors and felonies as well as similar and analogous crimes and rank it among them; then we will compare their consequences and see if they fall close to the proper rank. Jail time will be compared to monetary damages by conversion via the median 40 hour work week as a projection of lost income: if
  • This would be hard on the YouTubers who consistently post offending material.

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