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Submission + - X37B secret space plane second launch today ( 1

garymortimer writes: "The X-37B will launch soon for a second 240 day flight and the cat and mouse game of following it will begin. Amateur astronomers have been able to find the orbit changing high flying UAV on at least two occasions after it altered height.

For the first X-37B OTV mission, Air Force officials focused on testing and evaluating the performance capabilities of the vehicle. This second mission will build upon the OTV-1 on-orbit demonstration, validate and replicate initial testing and fine tune the technical parameters of the vehicle tests."

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X37B secret space plane second launch today

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  • The word "secret" doesn't seem to mean nowadays what it used to... (but hey, since it's again being launched as a payload of rocket with Soviet / Russian main engine...)

    (also, it's sort of not the vehicle; upcoming launch is the first one of second vehicle)

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