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+ - Oracle Need A Clue As Brain Drain Accelerates-> 1

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The Contrarian
The Contrarian writes "Looks like Oracle is not suiting former Sun staff well, nor community members in the Java and communities. This weekend saw an unusually large number of rather public departures, with (among many others listed in the article) the VP running Solaris development quitting, the token academic on the JCP slamming the door behind him and top community leaders at nailing their resignations to the door after having the ex-Sun people slam the door in their face.

The best analysis comes from an unexpected place, with the marketing director of Eclipse — usually loyal defenders of their top-dollar-paying members — turning on Oracle and telling them to get a clue."

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Oracle Need A Clue As Brain Drain Accelerates

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  • As a Java guy, our choices were IBM, where all of their stuff works, only after that add crazy cruft to it and you talk to three different IBM support specialists, or Oracle, where stuff works, but everything they have cost three times as much. Oracle clearly cannot run a community, but there is no money in it. Without a community, Java as a language will die. I think the Java language has been dying for sometime now. Most major enterprises as still running EE 1.4. This will give some credence to .Net taki

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