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+ - The spread of do it yourself biotech.->

Submitted by zrbyte
zrbyte (1666979) writes "Are you the electronics hobbyist, or garden shed tinkerer? If so then move aside, because there's a new kid on the block: the DIY biotechnologist.
The decreasing price of bio-tech instrumentation has made it possible for everyday folks (read bio-tech geeks), with a few thousand $ to spare, to equip their garages and mother's basements with the necessary 'tools of the trade'. Some, like PCR machines are available on eBay, other utensils are hacked together from everyday appliances and some creativity. For example, microscopes out of web cams and armpit E-coli incubators. Nature News has an article on the phenomenon, describing the weird and wonderful fruits of bio-tech geek ingenuity, like glow in the dark yogurt.
One could draw parallels with the early days of computer building/programming. It may be that we're looking at a bio-tech revolution, not just from the likes of Craig Venter, but from Joe-next-door hacking away at his E-coli strain. What are the Steve Wozniaks of bio-tech working on right now?"

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The spread of do it yourself biotech.

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