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+ - Apple Bans App Store Account Hacker->

Submitted by eldavojohn
eldavojohn (898314) writes "An app developer implicated in hacking 400 iTunes accounts which were then used to push his apps to the best seller list. He was banned for "for violating the developer Program License Agreement including fraudulent purchase patterns." And Apple is now saying that iTunes will "will now ask users to enter their credit card security code more frequently when making purchases on iTunes." The BBC quotes an expert in security as saying "Hacks on iTunes are not so rare, there is a constant stream of reports even though they don't make the headlines. Apple could have better fraud detection and interact with iTune users better." The assumption right now is that Apple's servers were not hacked, that the account credentials were achieved through an e-mail phisihing scam and that the developer was trying to move money from the 400 accounts to his own. This is not the only report of Apple's iTunes store experiencing malicious play."
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Apple Bans App Store Account Hacker

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