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PlayStation (Games)

+ - Sony to start charging for "premium PSN"-> 2

Submitted by ranulf
ranulf (182665) writes "Sony have announced at E3 that they intend to start charging for "premium PSN" now, even though they've long started that one of the PS3's advantages over the 360 is that they offer PSN for free.

They're selling this as you getting a free PSN game each month from a choice of "2-4 games", which should make the premium PSN effectively free if you already bought a game every month.

There's no mention of whether they intend to keep a free version of PSN, or what functionality might be removed to encourage people to move to the premium PSN other than free games.

More coverage at"

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Sony to start charging for "premium PSN"

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  • by siphbowl (1220872)
    Sony moving the goal posts regarding products and services people are already committed to? surely some mistake.. That said, the summary states 'sony have announced' whilst the linked article says 'rumours of', so take the misleading summary with a pinch of salt.
    • by ranulf (182665)
      Yeah, my bad. E3 is actually a month away, so it's not an actual E3 announcement and I should probably have said "Sony rumoured to be announcing". However, this story would tie in with the recent opinion polls Sony have been conducting on how much people would be prepared to pay for PSN. Also, it's being picked up by a number of other news sites now too, although I guess the information is all coming from the VG247 source rumour.

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