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Sockatume writes: Residents in Craigavon, South Africa complained of "[h]eadaches, nausea, tinnitus, dry burning itchy skins, gastric imbalances and totally disrupted sleep patterns" after an iBurst communications tower was put up in a local park. Symptoms subsided when the residents left the area, often to stay with family and thus evade their suffering. At a public meeting with the afflicted locals, the tower's owners pledged to switch off the mast immediately to assess whether it was responsible for their ailments. One problem: the mast had already been switched off for six weeks. Lawyers representing the locals say their case against iBurst will continue on other grounds.
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Tower switch-off embarrases electrosensitives

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  • If I manage to spawn an idle story I will punch myself in the face from shame.

    • by Ihmhi (1206036)

      I hope you don't, this is a genuinely interesting story on the BS that is "electromagnetic sensitivity" or whatever they're calling it these days.

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