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+ - Request for a better File Transfer Protocol-> 5

Submitted by uslurper
uslurper (459546) writes "Request for a better File Transfer Protocol

  I work for a financial company that acts as a 'middleman'. We have always been involved with securely transferring data, but we will be increasing our use of data transfer substantially.
However I am having a difficult time managing and automating the data transfers among various clients and vendors.
I have some programming skill so I can create or customize as i see fit, but the fact that i have to customize each and every connection wastes my time.
There does not seem to be one widely accepted solution.

Here is what I need:
1. Send and receive files.
2. Data must be secured using a HIPAA accepted method.
3. Transfers must be automated.

Here are my best options, but each has its own drawbacks.

FTP would work great except it is very hard to work around firewalls. This is due to the way it handles "active" and "passive" modes.
Many network admins do not understand its peculiarities.
Also, the various encryption methods used means it is not a common setup.

B. SSL web page.
HTTPS is well known and reliable, but its a pain to automate.

C. Email
Email can be automated, but it requires the files to be encrypted before transfer using PGP or other methods. PGP is being used less and less, and frankly it can be a pain sometimes.

So, is there a better solution available?"

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Request for a better File Transfer Protocol

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  • by Murpster (1274988)
    The scp and sftp tools using the SSH protocol are what you want.
    • by uslurper (459546)

      Does SFTP suffer the same peculiarities active/passive mode ports as FTPS ?

      Are there any good FOSS SFTP servers available? Filezilla does not offer SFTP and I did not find any on sourceforge.

      • by schon (31600)

        Does SFTP suffer the same peculiarities active/passive mode ports as FTPS ?


        Are there any good FOSS SFTP servers available?

        Umm - OpenSSH. Should be included with your distro of choice.

  • nuff said

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