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+ - Great White Sharks Sometimes Visit San Francisco

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Ponca City, We love you
Ponca City, We love you writes "Juliet Eilperin writes in the Washington Post that while for years, humans have thought of great white sharks wandering the sea at random, only occasionally venturing close to shore, it's turns out we were wrong. Scientists lured 179 great white sharks to their boat with a carpet decoy designed to look like a seal, and used a lance to attach satellite tags with the aid of 2.3-inch titanium darts to track the sharks and discovered that Pacific white sharks spend months near the northern and central California coast between August and February foraging among elephant seals, sea lions and other prey. The sharks were spotted as far inland as the mouth of the San Francisco Bay, east of the Golden Gate Bridge. "It shows you how wild it is off our West Coast of North America. This is Yellowstone," says Stanford University marine sciences professor Barbara A. Block. The fact that "a major concentration" of great whites can ignore humans "shows us the sharks are really minding their own business. The number of interactions with people is very small, considering," says Salvador J. Jorgensen. Every winter the sharks travel to a a certain location along the route between Hawaii and California called the white shark cafe. Male white sharks "converge in a very specific area of the cafe," says Jorgensen, while female sharks move in and out of the area. "It adds a little more evidence to the argument that this could be an important reproductive area.""
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Great White Sharks Sometimes Visit San Francisco

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