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Medicine Technology

Sniffing Out Cancer With Electronic Noses 22

Posted by samzenpus
from the smells-like-trouble dept.
An anonymous reader writes "We may soon be able to obtain easy and early diagnoses of diseases by smell. This week researchers found one odor-sniffing machine was as good as a mammogram at detecting breast cancer — and many other devices capable of spotting other diseases may be on the way."
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Sniffing Out Cancer With Electronic Noses

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  • by Sockatume (732728) on Monday March 10, 2014 @10:06AM (#46445023)

    The issue with mammograms is inappropriate mass screening; they're still a useful diagnostic tool, and have a benefit in routine screening in high-risk populations. If this device has the same false positive/negative rate as mammograms but is less intrusive and doesn't involve X-ray, that'd improve the benefits for those groups even futher.

    Now, there is a related issue that any more-convenient diagnostic tool runs an even higher risk of being overapplied.

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