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ISS NASA Space Science

Cygnus ISS Launch Delayed Due To Sun's Coronal Mass Ejection 30

Posted by Soulskill
from the sol-is-begging-for-attention-again dept.
ClockEndGooner writes "A giant coronal mass ejection from the Sun yesterday has resulted in a higher than normal level of radioactivity, and in turn, forced Orbital Sciences to postpone their first mission launch of the Cygnus space truck to the International Space Station. Citing concerns of the effect increased levels of space radiation may have on the Antares launcher and Cygnus avionics, the NASA and Orbital launch team is now evaluating if conditions will improve for a launch on Thursday, which would have Cygnus arriving at the ISS on Sunday morning." In other ISS news, the Orlando Sentinel is reporting that NASA has gotten approval from the White House to extend the ISS's mission for another four years, pushing the end date back to 2024. An official announcement is expected later this week.
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Cygnus ISS Launch Delayed Due To Sun's Coronal Mass Ejection

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  • Re:CME frequency (Score:4, Interesting)

    by ArhcAngel (247594) on Wednesday January 08, 2014 @04:16PM (#45900929)
    Back in "the day" a little company that called itself Sceptre [sceptre.com] made these wonderful 14" CRT monitors. I had a few clients that had them and they were nice for their price. But every other one we set up would have crazy sync problems and the screen would just wave. Perplexed I called Sceptre to get some insight. The technician matter of factly and very serious instructed me to point the monitor toward the North Pole (we were on the Gulf coast). I suspiciously complied once I figured out which direction was North and viola! wavy screen went away. We had to rearrange the furniture.

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