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Australia Space Science

Bushfire Threatens Major Telescope 79

Posted by samzenpus
from the burning-dow-the-house dept. writes "Authorities are warning lives and property are under immediate threat as a large bushfire burns out of control near communities in northern New South Wales. The Rural Fire Service has issued an emergency warning for the large, fast moving blaze near Coonabarabran, which has already destroyed two properties. Siding Springs, the principal optical observatory is under threat. The MtStromlo observatory was destroyed in a bush fire in 2003."
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Bushfire Threatens Major Telescope

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  • by dwywit (1109409) on Sunday January 13, 2013 @06:16PM (#42577189)

    2 reasons. The size of the area to be burnt, and funding.
    When you have limited funds, you have to be very selective where you spend it doing this years' choice of burns. Rural Fire Brigades (at least here in Qld) have to do a lot of fundraising to stay afloat - they're volunteers, and one of the few charities I always support when the phone rings to sell me raffle tickets.

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