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Earth, Night Glow, Aurora and Atmosphere (Video) 40

Posted by Roblimo
from the science-can-be-beautiful dept.
Alex Rivest has created one of the most visually riveting videos we've seen. Alex says, "In looking at the pictures taken from the International Space Station of the earth at night, I find my attention drawn to that thin line separating earth from space: Our atmosphere." He also says, "A good photograph is one that sparks a question." Since this video runs at 30 (really 29.97) frames per second, and it's about 290 seconds long, that's close to 8700 questions. Luckily, Alex has written a blog post that answers most of them. This doesn't mean you shouldn't enjoy his work for its sheer beauty. Or that you shouldn't wish Alex well in his attempt to get into NASA's 2013 Astronaut Candidate Class. A fine art photographer who also has a PhD in Neuroscience from MIT... what better qualifications could there possibly be for astronauthood?

There's a higher resolution version of this video on Vimeo:
The music is different but it shares the same beauty as the Slashdot version.
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Earth, Night Glow, Aurora and Atmosphere (Video)

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