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MIT Professor Pushes the Envelope of 3D Art and Manufacturing 58

kkleiner writes "Professor at MIT Neri Oxman's creations are demonstrating the powerful combination of 3D printing and new design algorithms inspired from nature. Just as a computer printer makes copies of 2D images, 3D printers have copied an impressive variety of objects, such as robots, chairs, prosthetics, kidneys, and jaw bones, to mention a few. But Oxman and her colleagues are discovering new design and engineering principles that will help to mature 3D printing into a technology capable of producing complex and beautiful structures impossible by other manufacturing techniques."
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MIT Professor Pushes the Envelope of 3D Art and Manufacturing

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  • by mhajicek (1582795) on Monday June 04, 2012 @04:49PM (#40213975)
    What's the algorithm for a cat?
    • What's the algorithm for a cat?

      Send whatever you put into it out the other side.

    • Simple: just join two strings together... oh, that kind of cat... sorry, I don't do "the real world" as the kids are calling it now days.
    • Unfortunately for reductionists when you take a working cat apart, you no longer have a working cat. - Douglas Adams (paraphrase).
    • Just print a box and say that it's a physical implementation of 'SchrÃdinger's cat', so you better not open it.

    • by Guignol (159087)
      Here [] is one
      It's a bit involved though
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  • But in secret we're all really wondering whether anyone's using 3-D printing to make dildos.

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