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Danish Research Center To Explore Mysteries of Earth's Interior 56

Posted by samzenpus
from the jules-verne-approved dept.
An anonymous reader writes "The DanSeis Centre at the University of Copenhagen has just received a grant of more than €3 million from the Danish Ministry of Science, Innovation and Higher Education to investigate and tackle one of geoscience's great mysteries: do mantle plumes, hypothetically buoyant regions of heated mantle material rising towards the earth's surface, actually exist?"
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Danish Research Center To Explore Mysteries of Earth's Interior

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  • by Taco Cowboy (5327) on Friday March 16, 2012 @04:50AM (#39374975) Journal

    In the article, it is stated that

    "Using new methods and instruments, we can take geologic measurements much deeper within the Earth than before. Now, down to 500 and 1000 kilometers! Methods in current use, by the oil industry among others, provide information for areas down to between 6 and 10 kilometers," explains Professor Thybo.

    If the multi-trillion-dollar oil industry can only make geologic measurements to a depth of 6 to 10 kilometers, what make you think a research program that cost 3 million euro can measure down to 500 or even 100 kilometers?

    Just what kind of "new methods" and "instruments" are they going to deploy??

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