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Isaac Newton's Notes Digitized 92

First time accepted submitter nhstar writes with an excerpt from an article in the Register: "If you're looking for a bit of light reading this holiday season, Cambridge University is here to help: they've digitized and made available online over 4,000 pages of the pioneering scientist and mathematician Sir Isaac Newton's most important works. 'Anyone, wherever they are, can see at the click of a mouse how Newton worked and how he went about developing his theories and experiments,' Cambridge University Library's digitization manager Grant Young told the BBC."
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Isaac Newton's Notes Digitized

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  • by vadim_t (324782) on Tuesday December 13, 2011 @04:34AM (#38353140) Homepage

    I'm not ok with it. I find it extremely offensive.

    The funding was already provided, by a donation of 1.5 GBP, so all the costs have already been covered. Work funded by the public should be in the public domain, and I think that should be made a law. Additionally, it's public domain content, which IMO should be illegal to restrict.

    It's fundamentally unethical to take public money and then double-charge the public by putting restrictions on the result.

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