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Winged Robots Hint At the Origins of Flight 59

sciencehabit writes "Here's what we know about the evolution of flight: By about 150 million years ago, the forests were filled with flying — or perhaps just gliding — dinosaurs like Archaeopteryx, possibly similar to the ancestor of modern birds. What we don't know is what primitive wings were used for before bird ancestors could fly. A new study (abstract) provides some fresh data for this debate, not from fossils but from a winged robot (video included)."
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Winged Robots Hint At the Origins of Flight

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  • by BluBrick (1924) <> on Tuesday October 18, 2011 @08:00PM (#37757238) Homepage

    I hate stating something like this without any citation, but when I was reading some textbook for a class my girlfriend was taking back in college I was surprised that flight evolved separately multiple times according to the fossil record. Intermediate wings must provide a pretty statistically significant benefit.

    This [] is why flight evolved independently multiple times.

    Oh, come on! You just knew someone was going to do it.

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