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Space Science

See a Supernova From Your Backyard 182

Posted by samzenpus
from the no-sunglasses-required dept.
hasanabbas1987 writes "Want to catch a glimpse of the closest supernova astronomers have discovered in the last 25 years? All you need to do is get yourself a small telescope or a pair of binoculars (some DSLRs would do just fine as well). Astronomers think that they may have found the supernova within hours of its initial explosion on August 24. Generally, supernovas are around 1 billion light years away but this one is only 21 million light years away. The supernova is in the Pinwheel Galaxy and you can see it within the Big Dipper."

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See a Supernova From Your Backyard

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  • by Missing.Matter (1845576) on Monday September 05, 2011 @02:00PM (#37310006)

    Right, exactly what I was talking about. Sanctimonious, enlarged ego, inflated sense of self importance. This post is a good example why the people I call "nerds" infuriate me and most others. You really believe you're better and smarter than most people don't you?

    Further, in this particular venue, the audience is generally a good deal smarter than, say, on Gawker.

    In this particular venue it's especially annoying because we all know about relativity and it's entirely tangent to the discussion.

  • by Kagura (843695) on Monday September 05, 2011 @06:48PM (#37311560)
    TO READERS OF THIS STORY'S COMMENTS: If you want to read the real comments for this story, scroll 3/4 of the way down the page to skip that ridiculous "when is now in relativity" arguing that shows up in EVERY cosmology story on Slashdot. Seriously guys, shut up already.

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