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Biotech Science

Scientists Breeding Super Bees 248

Posted by samzenpus
from the what-could-go-wrong dept.
Elliot Chang writes "Over the last five years the world's honey bee population has been steadily dwindling, with many beekeepers citing 2010 as the worst year yet. In order to save these extremely important insects, scientists are working on breeding a new super honey bee that they hope will be resistant to cold, disease, mites and pesticides. If all goes well, the new and improved insect will continue to pollinate our crops for years to come."
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Scientists Breeding Super Bees

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  • by (843637) on Wednesday July 13, 2011 @04:16PM (#36753652)
    Scientist #2: Well, let's figure out why, and attempt to correct the cause...

    Scientist #1: No, wait! We can use our powers of scientifity to create a new, ultraimpervious, megastrong bee...that way it'll survive anything we do to make it's natural habitat inhospitable...

    Scientist #2: Hmmm, you might be on to something...but what if it's not just the environment? What if it's some other natural evolution of another species that is now a predator to the bee?

    Scientist #1: Fuck that shit. It's gonna die up against our new SuperBee(R).

    Scientist #2: I'm almost convinced. What if this strikes an unnatural balance across the continent? How can we be sure that we don't fuck shit up for everything else?

    Scientist #1: Think of the money we're going to make once we patent the gene!

    Scientist #2: Holy shit, your solution is perfect! Let's get our friends to write some endorsements, and we'll be golden.

    Scientist #1: I'm glad we've come to an understanding.

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