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Medicine Input Devices Technology

The World's Smallest Video Camera 78

Posted by timothy
from the earwax-explorer dept.
fergus07 writes "Medigus has developed what it claims is the world's smallest video camera at just 0.039-inches (0.99 mm) in diameter. The Israeli company's second-gen model (a 0.047-inch diameter camera was unveiled in 2009) has a dedicated 0.66x0.66 mm CMOS sensor that captures images at 45K resolution and no, it's not destined for use in tiny mobile phones or covert surveillance devices; instead the camera is designed for medical endoscopic procedures in hard-to-reach regions of the human anatomy."
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The World's Smallest Video Camera

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  • Re:45k in lines (Score:5, Informative)

    by Dr_Barnowl (709838) on Wednesday May 04, 2011 @07:30AM (#36022796)

    They do use fibre bundles for endoscopes ; they're very expensive ($10,000 kind of expensive).

    CMOS sensors are actually a significant step up in terms of

    * durability - whack a fibre endoscope on the edge of a surgical trolley and you just broke half the fibres in the bundle. Not so with a wire bundle.
    * price - a CMOS sensor, even a medically certified one, is much cheaper than a carefully aligned bundle of photographic class optical fibres

    And I reckon you can probably make sensors of a usable size and resolution, with lenses, much smaller than an equivalent fibre assembly.

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