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Brain-Computer Interface Still Going After 1,000 Days

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  • Re:Quality of life? (Score:5, Informative)

    by CrashandDie (1114135) on Friday March 25, 2011 @10:58AM (#35611596)

    Not really. My girlfriend takes care of people who suffer of tetraplegia (C1 up to C6), and unless we can use those interfaces to have robots dress them, cook for them, undress them, change their catheter bag, wash them, iron their bedding (to prevent sores), etc, a neural interface would be of pretty limited use.

    Sure, it could allow them to communicate, use a computer, or even use the phone / telly, but from what I've seen, few people with such a level of handicap have the drive to do those activities on a regular basis.

    Remember that these are people who can't sit up without help we're talking about. Twitter is not one of their priorities, from what I can tell.

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