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Stanford, UCD Researchers Say 100% Renewable Energy Possible By 2050 360

Posted by timothy
from the triumph-of-the-will dept.
thecarchik writes with news of an analysis published in Energy Policy by researchers from Stanford University and the University of California-Davis. "There are no technological or economic barriers to converting the entire world to clean, renewable energy sources, said author Mark Jacobson, a Stanford professor, saying it is only a question of 'whether we have the societal and political will.' During this decade, the two 'fuels of the future' will be electricity and gasoline. Beyond that, we can't project."
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Stanford, UCD Researchers Say 100% Renewable Energy Possible By 2050

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  • by gtall (79522) on Friday February 18, 2011 @09:26AM (#35242584)

    Yep, it is about time we think of protecting those Martians from the destructive colonial powers on Earth. While we're at it, we should declare all life in the solar system, e.g., Jovian, Saturnian, Uranian, Neptumian, Plutonian, etc. sacred and not to be even interacted with. With a bit more legislation, we can protect all life in the Milky Way from the destructive influences of humans. No need to stop there, let's do it as a favor to all life in the Universe. Hell, let's do it for the entire Multiverse. And let's not let time get in the way, let's protect all life past and future from humans.

    Everyone will be issued hari-kari knives and asked to do the dirty deed on Dec. 21, 2012. Before we do, we'll paint the Earth to look like a giant bullseye from space. That way, the asteroid Apophis can make doubly sure humans never, ever happen again. Repent! Save humanity! Die today!

  • by whitehaint (1883260) on Friday February 18, 2011 @09:27AM (#35242590)
    I bet it was that damn pastry chef! Mmmmm, dessert.......!
  • by Bemopolis (698691) on Friday February 18, 2011 @11:33AM (#35243832)

    Seriously, I thought growing up I was supposed to have all the stuff shown on the Jetsons...

    You didn't because your parents kept voting for the Flintstones.

The universe seems neither benign nor hostile, merely indifferent. -- Sagan