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Biotech Security

Skeletal Identification 76

Posted by CmdrTaco
from the what-about-uriah's-shoulder dept.
Bruce Schneier noted a story today over at his blog about a new Skeletal Identification System being developed at Wright State. Of course this is just another biometric detection system, but one that would be pretty tough to disguise.
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Skeletal Identification

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  • by NotBornYesterday (1093817) on Tuesday August 24, 2010 @11:39AM (#33356058) Journal

    X-rays, gamma rays or other forms of body scanning would be used to create a bone signature for each person. ... Depending on the selected technology, a skeletal scan would only expose a person to radiation that is the approximate equivalent of taking one cross-country airline flight.

    Although their language is somewhat vague ("other forms of body scanning" is open to interpretation), they clearly are not ruling out x-rays, and are obviously leaning towards a form or radiation that would penetrate the body, rather than reflect off the surface, and the exposure would be measurable and significant. GP has a good point.

    Basically for this to work, you would essentially need to be able to discriminate among terrorists and non-terrorists before you scanned them. (emphasis mine)

    Sort of moots the point, doesn't it? FTFA:

    What if there was a way to positively identify sex offenders as they arrived at theme parks and other venues populated by young children?

    You position this technology as a way to confirm suspicion about a particular individual. We have other methods for doing that (fingerprint, DNA, etc.). They are positioning this scan as a way to sift through the general population. In other words, this intended "to be able to discriminate among terrorists and non-terrorists" as you say.

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