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Alberta Scientists Discover Largest-Ever Cache of Dinosaur Bones 154

Cryolithic writes "The largest cache of dinosaur bones ever found has been unearthed in Alberta. From the article: '... officials at the Royal Tyrrell Museum say the Hilda site provides the first solid evidence that some horned dinosaur herds were much larger than previously thought, with numbers comfortably in the high hundreds to low thousands. ... Rather than picturing the animals as drowning while crossing a river, a classic scenario that has been used to explain bonebed occurrences at many sites in Alberta, the research team interpreted the vast coastal landscape as being submerged during tropical storms or hurricanes. With no high ground to escape to, most of the members of the herd drowned in the rising coastal waters. Carcasses were deposited in clumps across kilometers of ancient landscape as floodwaters receded.'"
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Alberta Scientists Discover Largest-Ever Cache of Dinosaur Bones

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  • by Relic of the Future (118669) <dales&digitalfreaks,org> on Friday June 18, 2010 @05:23PM (#32619300)
    "See! See! If you squint real hard and ignore all the details, it looks like I could maybe have been right."


    "See! See! A flood happened once, and there's also a flood in the Bible, therefore it must all be true!"

    Or: I have been epically trolled, in which case, well done. Either way, I have to admit that the use of He-La as an appeal to biblical-infallibility, that's the first time I've seen that; a most impressive stretch, and kudos on it as well.

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