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Australian Farmers Told To Dynamite Rabbits 12

The South Australian Environment Department has told farmers that they should use poison gas or even explosives to deal with the out-of-control rabbit population. Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization Invasive Animals chief Professor Tony Peacock, owner of the largest business card ever, says that blowing up rabbits isn't as inhuman as people might think, and has been ranked by the RSPCA as one of the best ways to destroy warrens.


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Australian Farmers Told To Dynamite Rabbits

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  • They tried hiring Elmer Fudd to control the rabbit population, but that didn't prove particularly effective.
    • They had to let Mr.Fudd go, he never seemed to know whether it was rabbit season or duck season. And regardless of which season he thought it was, he always seemed to wind up killing the duck. Which of course he blamed on the rabbit.
  • is to start an advertising campaign in Asia about how they are a "delicacy". You can be guaranteed that their population will be well under control within two years.

    • Asia, heck. You can get rabbit meat at the grocery store here in Texas, and if you go to the First Monday Trade Days [firstmondaycanton.com] in Canton, you can get all the rabbit skins you want for $5 a piece. Which is part of the problem -- they breed like, well, you know, so they're not scarce enough to be worth raising. Dynamite sounds like as good a market support as any.

    • by Pseudonym (62607)

      Or they could just build a wall to keep them out, like Emperor Nasi Goreng did.

      (Apologies for those who don't get the Australian cultural reference, but it seemed on-topic.)

  • by AMSmith42 (60300) on Friday February 12, 2010 @09:03PM (#31123382)

    ...the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch?

  • And chickens. I hate all cute and cuddly animals that spaz when you try to pet them. I don't mind them if they are wild, but if they be wild, then they're varmints. If they are not wild, then they are food. Seriously, rabbits are nasty. They eat their own young. They trick you into picking them up by being so damn cute, and then they claw you eyes out and slice off your fingers with their chisel like teeth. And a chicken just lulls you into a sense of security so as to peck out your eye with no wa

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