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China's First Mars Probe Ready To Launch

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  • Re:Sounds fine to me (Score:4, Interesting)

    by SerpentMage (13390) <> on Sunday June 07, 2009 @08:22AM (#28240633)

    Excuse me? Racism? What political correctness argument are you trying to construct?

    The Japanese car makers blew the doors off the American car makers because they laughed at the Japanese. But the Japanese kept at it and produced an excellent product.

    Want to know what the real joke here is? The quality assurance techniques used by the Japanese was developed by an American! Deeming in fact. He showed that you could build quality at a low cost. YET nobody in America used it. They mocked it. American's just kept on laughing on the "garbage" that came out of Japan.

    Then one day Japan overran the Americans! I know about this because I worked in the automotive industry. And when the automotive industry did catch on it was too late. And I remember how the jokes like the one that was made about the Chinese space ship were made.

    BTW in the past little while it has been the Russians that have been doing the work to the ISS! Not the Americans... Why? Because the space shuttle is having problems. Yet the Russia system keeps on ticking!!!

    We should be kicking ourselves in the arse for looking like idiots!

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