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DNA-Radio, Tune In To Your Chromosomes 77

Posted by samzenpus
from the because-we-can dept.
An anonymous reader writes "The folks behind the DNA-Rainbow project (discussed on Slashdot before) apparently have some time to play around with genome data. After creating amazing pictures from the human DNA code they are now transforming all chromosomes to audio and streaming them to the Internet. Every base is read and broadcasted instead converting it to a color. Seemingly this artistic project will last a while. After some math they found out that it will take them more than 23.5 years to air the whole human genome sequence."
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DNA-Radio, Tune In To Your Chromosomes

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  • Nice. (Score:4, Insightful)

    by Creepy Crawler (680178) on Wednesday March 04, 2009 @11:52PM (#27073613)

    So now, YOUR dna isnt just covered be somebody else's patents, but now your DNA is someone else's copyrights.

  • by gravos (912628) on Thursday March 05, 2009 @12:00AM (#27073663) Homepage
    I can't figure out why this project is so interesting. The audio sounds like weird computer-generated noise to me and the images look like colored noise with some weird patterns in them. Who cares? It looks like the data segment of a program when I dump it to video memory accidentally. Yeah there are patterns but what is the value in them? Not much.
  • I don't get it... (Score:3, Insightful)

    by iluvcapra (782887) on Thursday March 05, 2009 @01:04AM (#27074023)

    It sounds like a numbers station, but at that it's still not very useful.

    The problem with this and DNA-rainbow is that it doesn't transform the domain of the raw base pairs into a domain of human vision (or audition) in such a way that actual higher-order patterns occur. We take long strings of tabular numbers that have no pattern at all and transform it into a beautiful curve, and this gives us insight into what the numbers may mean, what they may do in the future, etc. But this stuff adds nothing to the noisy junk it's built on... imho

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