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Chandrayaan Maps Apollo Missions

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  • Uh Huh (Score:5, Funny)

    by Anonymous Coward on Sunday January 11, 2009 @02:48PM (#26408545)

    Pics or it didn't happen.

    • And even if we have pics. They're obviously part of the conspiracy !

      It isn't because you're paranoid that they aren't out to get you.

  • ..they'd be stupid to change anything about those film sets after all these years. Conspiracy theorists worldwide would have a field day!
  • Please... (Score:5, Insightful)

    by NewbieProgrammerMan (558327) on Sunday January 11, 2009 @03:08PM (#26408697)

    Perhaps time to retire all the conspiracy theories ...

    Oh come on, you know how this is going to go. The conspiracy theorists will claim any photos are real terrain photos with CGI Apollo artifacts added. Or maybe CGI terrain photos with CGI Apollo artifacts added.

    I fully believe that there exist people whose belief in their conspiracies is so unshakeable that you could load them onto a rocket, fly their worthless ass to the moon, land them at the Apollo sites, let them see the items firsthand, and they would STILL deny that we went there 40-ish years ago.

    • by GleeBot (1301227) on Sunday January 11, 2009 @03:17PM (#26408765)

      I fully believe that there exist people whose belief in their conspiracies is so unshakeable that you could load them onto a rocket, fly their worthless ass to the moon, land them at the Apollo sites, let them see the items firsthand, and they would STILL deny that we went there 40-ish years ago.

      That's when you crack their visors open. Win-win for everyone involved.

      • by jep77 (1357465)

        ...revealed... by a top scientist associated with the Indian moon mission, P Sreekumar, who quit his job in the US to be a part of the Indian moon team...

        For conspiracy theorists this is obvious... Sreekumar didn't quit his job in the US... he was sent to work on the Indian moon team to make sure they properly "found" and "mapped" the sites.

        I'm no conspiracy theorist but I sure would like to see pictures. The discussion about why nobody has sent a mission to the moon that was able to do just this came up at work last week and when I saw this article I thought we'd be able to close the topic at work and move on to better things.

    • Re: (Score:3, Funny)

      by Yetihehe (971185)
      Easy, they would just say you faked their entire flight.
      • by pines225 (1413303) *
        An accelerometer, a stopwatch and a real-time model of the solar system would provide absolute proof that you got to the moon, even if you were blindfolded throughout. One of the implications of the special theory of relativity is that an observer inside a closed box which is accelerated and decelerated (as any moon traveller will be) can absolutely detect these accelerations - the accelerations are absolute, not relative.
        • Re:Please... (Score:4, Insightful)

          by Yetihehe (971185) on Sunday January 11, 2009 @04:08PM (#26409215)
          Conspiracy theorists don't really care about facts.
          • by Kjella (173770)

            A good crackpot cares about facts but with a reality inversion field:

            "Because they try to discredit us, we must be getting close to the truth"
            "Because they manufacture all this evidence, we must be getting close to the truth"
            "Because they fake all these witnesses, we must be getting close to the truth"

            A true conspiracy theorists will use any contradicting evidence as proof he's right. In fact, the more intensely anyone tries to prove them otherwise, the more convinced they become that they're right. If peop

        • Actually newtonian physics, with some galilean insights will suffice. Also throw in a 3-axis gyroscope to reassure the skeptic. And magnetometers and an apparatus to measure the electric field to ensure the primary sensors haven't been tricked by some other means. Even then there's still a chance the assembler has been in contact with the conspirateurs.
        • by ozphx (1061292)

          Newton was in on it too.

      • Re: (Score:3, Insightful)

        by mfnickster (182520)

        Easy, they would just say you faked their entire flight.

        Either that or they'd say, "Sure, NOW we have the technology to land on the moon-- which is why you put all that stuff here last week!"

    • by Fluffeh (1273756)

      let them see the items firsthand, and they would STILL deny that we went there 40-ish years ago.

      I ain't buying into your charade! Clearly you are willing to fly me to a landing site that you have staged to cover up the fact that you didn't go there forty years ago! omg! omg! The truth is out there! Fox Mulder forever! omg!

      • Fox Mulder forever!

        There is, sadly, a lot of truth to the statement that conservatives are more likely to fall for conspiracy theories. There is iron-clad proof that Obama's birth certificate is real []; despite this, conservative news sites still continue to believe "Obama's birth certificate is fake" conspiracy theories [].
        • by Fluffeh (1273756)
          Hey! I ain't stating that Obama was not born in America! omg omg! I am stating that he is an alien overlord imposter! omg! Clearly he has been "infected" and is now seeking to rule our planet with his overlord minions! mmm Scully's cleavage! omg! We managed to obtain a glass used by Obama, and tested it, and it's true, he isn't human! When will the world finally see it?

          In other news, I for one welcome our new alien overlords!
  • by wfstanle (1188751) on Sunday January 11, 2009 @03:13PM (#26408737)

    There will be no way you can convince the conspiracy fans. This includes all of the conspiracy theories, you just can't satisfy these people. They will simply say that NASA and the Indian space agency are in cahoots and they will dismiss it.

    • by Jeff DeMaagd (2015) on Sunday January 11, 2009 @03:24PM (#26408811) Homepage Journal

      They will simply say that NASA and the Indian space agency are in cahoots and they will dismiss it.

      That's the way it works.

      The basic thought pattern also suggests that they believe the Soviets and the US were in cahoots too, either that or they haven't thought the objections through. Maybe they don't say it outright, but that's the logical conclusion of their arguments because if the Soviets had any reason to believe it was all faked, they could have said so very loudly, and I don't recall stumbling across anything like that.

    • Yup, totally agree - the US government cant cover up a blow job, or keep a plain old burglary quiet, but they can fake the moon landings. Ok then...
    • Exactly. Same reason we have a "God" today.
  • Offshore (Score:5, Funny)

    by _Sprocket_ (42527) on Sunday January 11, 2009 @03:19PM (#26408779)

    What?! Now they're out-sourcing the conspiracies to foreign workers?! This is a travesty! America deserves a Government who will maintain an American workforce to craft it's most inner secrets and public deceptions.

    • by gad_zuki! (70830)

      Dont worry, the self-important nutters have moved on to 9/11 "inside job" theories. Apollo denial is out of fashion.

      • by _Sprocket_ (42527)

        Are you kidding? That conspiracy was farmed out to the Israelies. No wonder America is in such a dire economic situation.

    • by PolygamousRanchKid (1290638) on Sunday January 11, 2009 @04:00PM (#26409149)

      The Indian Space Agency is just receiving data that it *thinks* is coming from the moon, and not from a desert in Nevada.

      The space shuttle caught Chandrayaan on its last mission, and brought it back to Earth. The space shuttle carried a giant baseball shortstop's glove fitted to the shuttle's robot arm to perform the catch. The Philadelphia Phillies advised on the project, and were paid in Jim's cheese steaks, as not to leave a financial paper trail.

      Once in Area 51, sinister scientists there had no problem to electronically feed it with bogus data, so Chandrayaan thinks that it has really reached to moon.

      Including, of course, photos of sites on the moon where the fake Apollo landings supposedly took place.

      It all seems pretty logical to me.

      • by meglon (1001833)
        That theory is all well and good, except you're missing one obvious point.... NASA has faked the space shuttle program for decades. HA HA, I can't believe you fell for that one!!
  • Pictures? (Score:1, Redundant)

    by gzipped_tar (1151931)

    Where are the pictures?

  • Six? (Score:5, Interesting)

    by AJWM (19027) on Sunday January 11, 2009 @03:29PM (#26408865) Homepage

    "Chandrayaan has mapped 6 Apollo landing sites on the Moon (Apollo 11, 12, 14 15 and 17)"

    I count that as five. So the Apollo 16 landing (only) was faked?

    • by ObiWonKanblomi (320618) on Sunday January 11, 2009 @03:46PM (#26409025) Journal

      Apollo 11, 1969, Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, Michael Collins
      Apollo 12, 1969, Charles (Pete) Conrad, , Alan Bean, Richard Francis Gordon
      Apollo 14, 1971, Alan Shepard, Edgar Mitchell, Stuart Roosa
      Apollo 15, 1971, David Scott, James Irwin, Alfred Worden
      Apollo 16, 1972, John Young, Charles Duke, Thomas Mattingly
      Apollo 17, 1972, Eugene Cernan, Harrison Schmitt, Ronald Evans

    • Re: (Score:1, Troll)

      by BigGerman (541312)
      Indian programmers were clearly involved in this computation
    • Well, this all seems pretty obvious to me. Chandrayaan found the landing sites of 6 Apollo missions, but only 5 of them came from the Earth (Apollo 11, 12, 14 15 and 17). So when they find the site of Apollo 16, that will leave them with a total of 7. But the NASA only did 6 missions to the moon! So who did the seventh?

      Obviously, aliens. We are not alone. And they have been *real* near us; on the Moon.

      Watch the sky tonight, and all nights from now on.

      You have been warned.

      • by jmauro (32523)

        So who did the seventh?

        Ron Howard []

      • by AJWM (19027)

        So when they find the site of Apollo 16, that will leave them with a total of 7. But the NASA only did 6 missions to the moon! So who did the seventh?

        The CIA, with leftover Apollo hardware, to check out an apparent Soviet landing. (That's actually the plot of my recent NaNoWriMo novel, still in progress.)

  • The problem is that the conspiracy nuts dispute humans landing on the moon. It's not that the Apollo crafts landed. Unfortunately it will need photographs of foot prints to shut them up. Even then, there are always going to be nuts who will perhaps claim that the Americans paid off the Indians. Best to ignore the nuts and move on with progress.
    • Ignoring the nuts would be nice, but these people vote. They vote against "wasting" tax payers' money on "$3 million overhead projectors". They vote to end "needless subsidies to study the genetics of fruit flys, the effects of global warming", etc.

  • by syousef (465911) on Sunday January 11, 2009 @03:55PM (#26409125) Journal

    Can't you see this is just more proof the moon landings didn't happen!? It's all part of a massive deal between Disney studios that shot the original moon landings and Bollywood. In exchange for their support Bollywood have the rights for Highschool Musical 4: Summer in Mumbai in which the kids all get summer jobs in an Indian call center but struggle to fit in because their names don't need to be westernized. Disney will also be outsourcing the next lunar landings to a Bollywood studio to cut costs. Expect to see moon rocks in the shape of traditional Indian cusine some time early next decade.

  • Outsourcing (Score:3, Funny)

    by Renderer of Evil (604742) on Sunday January 11, 2009 @03:59PM (#26409139) Homepage

    From what I understood is that NASA is now outsourcing its Conspiracy Coverup Unit (CCU) to India. Next thing you'll hear would be how some scientist in Bangalore had discovered previously unseen 1080i footage of JFK assassination.

  • by Geekenstein (199041) on Sunday January 11, 2009 @04:09PM (#26409221) that anything that doesn't fit your theory can be explained away as part of the conspiracy. The nutters will continue to be nutty.

    • Re: (Score:1, Interesting)

      by Anonymous Coward

      you know there ARE real conspiracies. here's a great example []:

      The Fate of an Honest Intellectual
      Noam Chomsky

      [Excerpted from Understanding Power, The New Press, 2002, pp. 244-248]

      I'll tell you another, last case-and there are many others like this. Here's a story which is really tragic. How many of you know about Joan Peters, the book by Joan Peters? There was this best-seller a few years ago [in 1984], it went through about ten printings, by a woman named Joan Peters-or at least, signed by Joan Peters-calle

      • The term "conspiracy theory" is a label for a specific type of belief. It is not meant to imply that there is no such thing as a conspiracy. It is referring to beliefs which require undetectable and omnipotent "conspiracies" in order to rationalise away all counter-evidence to that belief. The conspiracy in a "Conspiracy theory" is an incidental conceit. There are many actual conspiracies uncovered throughout history. But those were detected by uncovering legitimate evidence of their existence, rather than
  • ...that it's not a hoax.
    Worked last time. []

  • ...but where's the "proof"? Is it just in the text? If that's the case, then I have mapped where Russia landed on Mars. You'll just have to believe me on this one.
  • by DerekLyons (302214) <fairwater&gmail,com> on Sunday January 11, 2009 @09:38PM (#26412161) Homepage

    Chandrayaan's camera [] only has a resolution of 5M - a LEM descent stage barely fills a pixel. One more anonymous dot among many, neither ammunition for or against conspiracy nutters.

    Anyhow, if you bother to read TFA you'll find they had a much more prosaic purpose - to compare the readings from their instruments to the known regolith and rock at the landing sites in order to check their calibration.

  • have they found the secret moon base that ppl claim we have? :)
    • by dwye (1127395)

      > have they found the secret moon base that ppl claim we have? :)

      That was the Nazis that you are thinking of (unless your "we" *is* the National Socialist German Workers' party, of course).

      Or SHADO, I suppose.

    • by nido (102070)

      A few years back I was handed a cassette with an Art Bell interview of Ingo Swann. Swann had appeared on Bell's show in support of his then-recently released book, Penetration: The question of human and extraterrestrial telepathy. At one point Art Bell asked, "What's on the moon, Ingo?" Fascinating interview - I bet you could find a torrent, or buy the mp3 at [].

      The book is very interesting. I wonder if it's true that there is no high-resolution imagery of the moon available to the public...

  • by 4D6963 (933028)
    No seriously, I looked everywhere and I didn't find no picture? That's like saying "our paparazzis photographed Beyonce and Christina Aguilera having lesbian sex" and not releasing the damn pictures.
  • ...did they find TMA-1?

    I mean, we *know* where the Apollo sites are supposed to be.

  • The Apollo sites have all been (re)mapped many times. The sites for Apollo 11, 14 and 15 (sites for Lunar Laser Ranging Experiment reflectors) have been mapped to an accuracy of a few meters, from Earth (a distance of 400,000 km), and that's been going on since Apollos were still going there. Since Chandrayaan is only 100 km from the moon, its ability to replicate the oft replicated deserves a resounding "I should hope so". Now when the Terrain (you use aposelene and periselene for orbital components but st

  • My wife bounces a laser off the moon (, as featured on Mythbusters) and one of the two Russian probes can no longer be hit by laser. It was reachable initially, something happened. Theories are: the position was not actually accurately known, or that perhaps the bracket that supported the mirror failed. My personal theory is that the moon men picked up the rover and moved it a few hundred meters just to screw with us.

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