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Nitrogen 'Diamond' Created 73

Sensible Clod writes "Researchers of the Max Planck Institute for Chemistry have synthesized a new form of nitrogen, with a stucture like that of diamond. This was accomplished by means of a crushing force (>110 GPa) at extremely high temperature (2000 K), of course. The result, according to PhysOrg, is a very hard crystal with a lot of energy stored in it, which leads to the possibility of using it as a non-polluting fuel or high-explosive."
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Nitrogen 'Diamond' Created

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  • by El (94934) on Tuesday October 12, 2004 @01:20PM (#10505438)
    "Here honey, but this diamond ring on and then go punch that wall..."
  • Fuel? Baah. (Score:5, Funny)

    by arkham6 (24514) on Tuesday October 12, 2004 @01:24PM (#10505492)
    A fuel? How much less energy do you get out from it than was put into it? It seems like a very difficult way of wasting energy.
  • by Shadow Wrought (586631) <shadow,wrought&gmail,com> on Tuesday October 12, 2004 @02:27PM (#10506177) Homepage Journal
    Just mod the answers down now. It'll be easier for all conerned...

    Several Questions: 1. Translucent?

    No but it is transqwest.

    2. Melting point??

    Typically comes after an expensive dinner and a little champagne.

    3. Stable at STP ??

    No but it does keep horses in the Quaker State.

    4. Does It Burn if I touch a match to it? Explode??

    Only when the match is lit.

    5. Does it resemble N2, which is stable, or not??

    It more closely resembles Not, stability notwithstanding.

    6. What is the hardness level (Mohr's scale) ??

    It rates a 2.7 on the Less is Mohr scale.

    7. Will it degrade over time under exposure to water??

    Sort of. It gets these prune like wrinkles in its outer fringes...

    8. Is the method for creating it highly expensive or could this be scaled up??

    Cheaper than antimatter, but more expensive than pirated CD's.

    9. If it is explosive, how do we store it safely??

    We'll figure that out once we have them produced in order to build on the success of our nuclear storage program.

    10. What are the mechanical properties? If it's stable and otherwise useful, will it vibrate with a piezoelectric effect??

    As for the former, it owns two car repair joints over on the East Side, as to the latter, uhhhhh, sure.

    11. Is it a semiconductor, conductor, or insulator??

    It has a part time gig with the Philharmonic, so it is a semi-conductor.

    12. Does it lase (can we use it as a pump medium for a laser) ?

    It lazes very well, especially on Sundays during football season.

  • by justanyone (308934) on Tuesday October 12, 2004 @02:35PM (#10506297) Homepage Journal
    Do Not Taunt Super-Happy-Fun-sodiumazide.
  • by kendoka (473386) on Tuesday October 12, 2004 @02:38PM (#10506331)
    Buy your honey a nitrogen diamond encrusted wedding ring - when she leaves your ass and takes half your shit you can just blow the bitch up.
  • by museumpeace (735109) on Tuesday October 12, 2004 @06:05PM (#10508646) Journal
    ...Polymeric nitrogen will (hopefully) be stable once released from captivity. No one knows for sure though ...

    OK, you do the experiment, I'll read [or hear] the report;)
  • by sheapshearer (746106) on Tuesday October 12, 2004 @08:49PM (#10509876)
    accomplished by means of a crushing force From whose ass did this new harder-than-diamond material drop?
  • by nartz (541661) on Wednesday October 13, 2004 @12:00AM (#10510989)
    9. If it is explosive, how do we store it safely??
    In Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

"There are things that are so serious that you can only joke about them" - Heisenberg