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Rosetta Comet Chaser Images Earth and Moon 23

Posted by timothy
from the image-as-a-verb dept.
An anonymous reader writes "Using its navigation cameras at the end of July, the comet chasing probe, Rosetta, captured this photograph while looking back towards Earth. From a distance of over 42 million miles, the Earth and Moon look faintly like two headlights on a deserted road. The larger image particularly seems to underscore why Carl Sagan reflected (PDF) on all the battles fought for what?--to become 'the momentary masters of a fraction of a tiny dot.'"
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Rosetta Comet Chaser Images Earth and Moon

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  • by MarkusQ (450076) on Wednesday August 04, 2004 @01:30AM (#9876067) Journal

    The picture is obviously faked. I mean, come on, do you really think there's some cosmic version of the HOLLYWOOD sign bobbing along beside us? Or that in several hundred years of telescopic obersevation of the heavens no one would have noticed the enormous "Earth/Moon" signs?

    We've been gimped I tell you!

    -- MarkusQ

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