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For personal printing, not work, I usually use ...

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An inkjet printer (my own)
  7018 votes / 29%
A laser printer (my own)
  9259 votes / 38%
A dot matrix or daisy wheel printer (my own)
182 votes / 0%
An inkjet printer (someone else's)
  607 votes / 2%
A laser printer (someone else's)
  3005 votes / 12%
A dot matrix or daisy wheel printer (someone else's)
81 votes / 0%
A combination rudely ignored by the above options
  746 votes / 3%
I don't print anything personal, ever.
  3061 votes / 12%
23959 total votes.
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  • Don't complain about lack of options. You've got to pick a few when you do multiple choice. Those are the breaks.
  • Feel free to suggest poll ideas if you're feeling creative. I'd strongly suggest reading the past polls first.
  • This whole thing is wildly inaccurate. Rounding errors, ballot stuffers, dynamic IPs, firewalls. If you're using these numbers to do anything important, you're insane.
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For personal printing, not work, I usually use ...

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