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For personal printing, not work, I usually use ...

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An inkjet printer (my own)
  7018 votes / 29%
A laser printer (my own)
  9259 votes / 38%
A dot matrix or daisy wheel printer (my own)
182 votes / 0%
An inkjet printer (someone else's)
  607 votes / 2%
A laser printer (someone else's)
  3005 votes / 12%
A dot matrix or daisy wheel printer (someone else's)
81 votes / 0%
A combination rudely ignored by the above options
  746 votes / 3%
I don't print anything personal, ever.
  3061 votes / 12%
23959 total votes.
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For personal printing, not work, I usually use ...

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  • A plotter (Score:2, Funny)

    by Anonymous Coward

    you insensitive clod!

    • by Dupple (1016592)

      A potato

    • by azalin (67640)
      Printers should never be "used" - They are people too and deserve respect and proper payment. This whole mentality makes me sick.
  • 3D printer (Score:2, Funny)

    by Anonymous Coward

    no option for 3D printing?

  • Does it has anything to do with beer brewing ?!? If so, I want one!
  • by Anonymous Coward on Monday February 04, 2013 @10:35AM (#42785123)

    It's cheaper than running an inkjet.

    • by TWX (665546)
      That's why I went with a laser. As a bonus, since mine's an HP LJ2200 that are mostly out of service now, I can usually find new sealed toner cartridges at the Goodwill for $5 for it.

      It is a bit slow, but the quality is just fine.
    • by Abreu (173023)

      Buy a cheap laser. Xerox, Brother and HP make cheap laser printers that explicitly support Linux.

      Xerox printers, if I remember correctly, even have a little Tux decal on the _front_ of the machine, next to the Windows and Apple logos.

      Where I live, people will refill your toner cartridges for about $8 USD

    • by Curupira (1899458)
      +1 for this. The cost of inkjet cartridges is absolutely insane []. Sometimes I even consider going back to dot-matrix printers so I can avoid the outrageous prices of modern printer consumables.
  • That's one of those automated tattoo printing devices, I suppose?
  • Work LaserJet (Score:4, Insightful)

    by Wolfraider (1065360) on Monday February 04, 2013 @10:52AM (#42785263)
    I use the Laser Jet printer at work for my personal stuff. Why use up all my supplies? Sometimes it pays to be the one monitoring the printer logs. >: )
    • Where I work, you can print moderate amounts of sheets without anyone caring. I know someone who printed about 2200 sheets and was politely asked to abstain from printing such large amounts in the future, that was all.
      Anyway, during my almost 6 years stay here I printed maybe 120 sheets of paper, except for that one time when I needed to print 300+ sheets on a color laser printer (EVE Online ISK Guide) and asked the person responsible, they said yes without even asking what did I want to print.

      • by AK Marc (707885)
        I printed 150 pages for work-related reasons, and the office manager chided me, sold the printer and got another, locked down with a password, and locked in a closet. He was the grandson of the owner. He was later offered the position of CEO, the company is out of business.
  • by TheNinjaroach (878876) on Monday February 04, 2013 @11:16AM (#42785473)
    Laser printers are pretty affordable these days. I was lucky enough to find a networked, color laser printer for under $150. Good thing too, since the roommates are going to school I would have paid more than the price of the printer in inkjet refills alone.
    • by Sique (173459)
      I bought mine about 10 years ago, it's a b/w HP LaserJet 4050 TN. It's still running strong, and if I ever hit the 12000 pages, a replacement ink cartridge is ~$20. So it has basicly cost me the electric power in the last 10 years and nothing more. And yes, it's still printing. And it connects to my WLAN via an DD-WRT based WLAN bridge taped on it's side.
    • There is a downside to the affordability - they are manufactured with less attention paid to long machine life.

      My 3 year old Brother all-in-one that serves my home business and my wife's home nonprofit and our family needs has already developed an internal squeak that sounds like an end-of-life issue. At $300, it's not worthwhile to repair it, as the parts are not readily available via the online printer parts supply places, and the service manual costs money.

      I hope to get another year out of it before
      • > There is a downside to the affordability - they are
        > manufactured with less attention paid to long machine life.

        My $85 HPLJ4 seems to have been built to last forever.

        • I was happy with my LJ1200 until I found that it took so long to render a USPS international customs form that the website timed out. Tech support's response? "Get a faster printer."
      • by CastrTroy (595695)
        The secret is to not buy an all-in-one. I have the same scanner that I bought 10 years ago. It was one of the earlier LED models, so it doesn't take up a lot of space. I also have a B&W laser printer for when I need to print something, I have it shared on the home network. No sense in spending money on something that's all integrated. If the printer part breaks, you end up with a very large scanner. If the scanner part breaks, you end up with a very large printer. For the one time every 5 years I ac
        • The Brother laser printer has the same guts as the all-in-one, so a printer would not last any longer. Besides, I regularly make copies with it and send faxes more often than I care to admit, so it makes sense for me. And I need the room in my home office. Other than those small objections, you're right.
    • by rwa2 (4391) *

      Laser printers are pretty affordable these days. I was lucky enough to find a networked, color laser printer for under $150. Good thing too, since the roommates are going to school I would have paid more than the price of the printer in inkjet refills alone.

      Word... after reading about it on /. , I picked up a new Samsung ML-2851ND for around that price a few years ago.

      It's just a B&W laser, but it does duplexing, and the Linux drivers are no-fuss and superb (with CUPS it's even easier to set up than on our Windows boxen). Have only had to change the ink cartridge once so far, and that's because my wife had been printing several drafts of her 300+ page dissertation on it.

      Only downside is the lights dimming while it warms up. But I'm happy to never have to

    • by azalin (67640)
      Lexmark X215: Toner is cheap, lasts for a long time and the company still provides current drivers.
  • Where are the "stone tablets and a chisel" and "I tattoo my printouts onto Cowboy Neal" options?

    • Why is there no "I mount a pen in my 3D printer" option?

    • by Abreu (173023)

      Cowboy Neal still works at Slashdot?

  • My own laser printer (Score:5, Interesting)

    by danomac (1032160) on Monday February 04, 2013 @12:28PM (#42786071)

    I only need to print a half a dozen times a year.

    I used to have an inkjet, but I got tired of paying $50 a page - almost always the ink dried out and I had to get a new inkjet cartridge.

    I've had the same colour laser printer for four years and I'm still running on the initial low yield ink cartridges. With my usage pattern that should last twenty years.

    • by AmiMoJo (196126) *

      For someone like you it would probably be cheaper to just take your occasional prints to a shop. The cost of the laser printer and the space it takes up in your house is probably greater than the cost of shop prints and the time taken to go there.

      For photos it has been cheaper to print online and get them delivered for a long, long time now. Someone needs to make a low volume print-and-mail-to-me service. I actually print even less than I used to now, thanks to my phone and tablets being handy portable docu

      • by danomac (1032160)

        This colour laser was on sale for $175, plus $15 for the LAN adapter. I have it in a closet as I don't use it often. Going to a shop for something that takes 10 seconds is just damn annoying.

        The toner carts are ~40-50 each, and there's 4 (CMYK)... but like I mentioned I use it so little that the cartridges that came with it will last forever.

        I just looked, all the colour carts are still full and the black is at 80%. There's 475 pages on the odometer, and around 30 of them are test prints. I guess I average

        • I had one as well, and unfortunately the photodeveloper unit wore out much sooner than the starter toner cartridges did (which was still 5+ years iirc). I don't know if all color lasers use one, but it seems to deposit the toner onto a silvery photodeveloper rolled sheet first, then onto the paper. As that sheet aged, it developed cracks which manifested in junk horizontal lines all over the printed page. It cost a hundred or two to get a replacement part, so I sold the printer for $50 to a business that

    • On our second laser printer (Samsung ML-1210) . I think we've had it for about ten years and it still seems to be doing fine. It's starting to make some funny noises at start up and while printing so may need to buy a new printer when it dies. It replaced an Epson laser printer that lasted about as long. We don't print much but no worries about the ink drying up, etc. like an inkjet.

      Oh yeah, just helped out the neighbor by printing something for him because his relatively new inkjet had packed up.


    • by Drethon (1445051)
      I bought an HP all in one printer. Other than the cartridges continuously screaming at me about being out of date, they keep working just fine until they empty...
  • by moeinvt (851793) on Monday February 04, 2013 @12:38PM (#42786157)

    Thank you. The printer is now too old to rant about on the various product review websites, and it was annoying me just a few days ago.

    It didn't come with a cable, it's monstrously huge and heavy, the scanner quality is mediocre, it refuses to print, even in B&W if one of the colored ink cartridges is missing or empty, it refuses to print solid blue if the black cartridge is empty, feeding paper from anywhere but the tray (envelopes, etc.) has proven disastrous, it's prone to smudge or leave horizontal streaks on pictures.

    I'll never buy a Canon printer again.

    • it refuses to print, even in B&W if one of the colored ink cartridges is missing or empty

      Color printers always print tiny yellow identifying dots on a page (date, time, printer serial number), no matter the configuration or content of the page. This is why you always need yellow topped up in your printers, and they generally mask that "feature" by requiring all ink cartridges be valid before it'll print anything.

  • I own a Brother HL-2040 black and white laser printer...pretty much the cheapest laser printer you can get (if you still can...was $80 six years ago.) Had the thing six years so far and it has never failed has good Linux support, and fairly cheap prints. For a while I was printing a few hundred pages a month, though right now using it generally goes months between uses. Was definitely worth every penny though.

    • About 5 years ago, the Canon Inkjet I had been using at home finally croaked. I realized I'd never printed anything other than test prints in color, so I went to Frys and there was this cute little white breadbox printer dubbed "HPLJ1018".. It was only $99 so that became my home printer, up until a couple of months ago when it finally wouldn't wake up when I needed to print something.. In the 5 years I had it, I never replaced the initial toner cartridge it came with, despite quite a few 100+ page print job

    • Had a Brother HL-1440 here for about ten years or so, would recommend to anyone. Replaced toner once, print around 500-1000 pages a year.

  • by arendjr (673589) on Monday February 04, 2013 @01:02PM (#42786439) Homepage

    I chose a laser printer (someone else's) where "someone else's" means "the printer from work". My personal printing needs are so few I find it hard to justify getting my own printer and letting cartridges dry out and associated annoyances.

    • I chose a laser printer (someone else's) where "someone else's" means "the printer from work". My personal printing needs are so few I find it hard to justify getting my own printer and letting cartridges dry out and associated annoyances.

      this, with how many journal articles I print (gawd, when will Kindle or Nook FINALLY come out with color e-ink!) one or two slices of paper for my personal use per year is negligible. Usually, they're just concert tickets but with a bar code, and dear lord I don't want my barcodes smeared into oblvion from an inkjet and useless when I get to the venue.

  • ... although the inkjet is sidelined at the moment with clogged nozzles.

  • I would use my home laser printer, except that it only does black and white. The photocopier/printer at work does color, duplexing, hole punching, and stapling. Since most of what I print is two sided color pages destined for a binder, the copier is the right tool for the job.
  • Several years ago I bought a Samsung laser printer, new, for about $80.. It's currently connected to a Raspberry Pi which is acting as it's print server. It took about a year to burn through the demo toner cartridge that came with it. I bought a full replacement cartridge for $30 and have been printing from that ever since.

    I have sworn off inkjets.. Never again..

    I can go for months without printing on my laser printer and when I come back to use it everything is fine.. Every inkjet I've ever owned or touche

    • I have sworn off inkjets.. Never again..

      I can go for months without printing on my laser printer and when I come back to use it everything is fine.. Every inkjet I've ever owned or touched would dry up in a month of idling, prompting another round of shelling out $80 or more for ink cartridges that run dry after only a few dozen pages at best. Again prompting another round of $80 or more, rinse, repeat.

      I have a Canon Pixma MP600 and I haven't had any problems with leaving it for a month. The Canon ink cartridges just includes the ink, not a new print head (i.e. Epson, HP), so the cartridges are less expensive than for other manufacturers. It uses individual ink cartridges for each color (including a high capacity black cartridge), also reducing ink replacement cost. I've had the MP600 for about 6 years and it's still going strong.

      For every day printing I don't need photo quality so I set the default pr

    • Lasers don't do as well as inkjets when it comes to photographs, but people should go to the store & get professional prints done when they want one. They only cost like $0.25 per picture, which is also cheaper than you can do at home with an inkjet & photo paper.

      • by skegg (666571)

        They only cost like $0.25 per picture

        Whoa ... are you talking US dollars?

        Could photos be the one thing that's cheaper in Australia than the US? They're routinely advertised here at $AUD0.15 per print, and I just found this [] for $AUD0.09 per print.

        However, I'm still envious of how cheap technology is in the US :-(
        I'm still waiting to hear what comes out of the pricing inquiry []

    • I bought a Samsung ML1675 a couple of years back for around 60 euros. The prints are very fast, the paper does not get stuck and the toner does not dry and it works on Linux (I'm using a proprietary blob though).

      I flashed the printer's firmware with a hacked version that simply ignores the toner page count. Then I simply removed the page counter chip from the toner and I've been refilling the original stock toner with ink ordered from China. It is very very cheap, around 20 euros for a bottle that allows yo

  • by gpronger (1142181) on Monday February 04, 2013 @02:19PM (#42787239) Journal
    Monks are struggling for work these days, check for more info. They work for free (vows) but may consume quite a bit of any spirits you may have on the premises. Inexplicably, they seem to improve with consumption, so leave a few bottles of cheaper stuff (they are not picky) in conspicuous locations.
  • by Anonymous Coward on Monday February 04, 2013 @02:32PM (#42787341)

    I just use one of the Googlable 50,000 unlocked network printers.

    • by Kittenman (971447)

      I just use one of the Googlable 50,000 unlocked network printers.

      I applaud your invention of the new word "googlable", though I do question the capitalization. The adjective you've coined is itself a natural progression from the new verb, "to google".

  • why spend the money on my own printer when i have a plethora of printers at my disposal at work. I consider it part of my salary.
  • A combination rudely ignored by the above options

    LOVE IT!

  • Last time I needed something printed, I drove over to Fedex/Kinkos and printed it there. I believe it was a laser printer.

    • I print three or four times a year. When I need something printed, I email it to myself, go to FedEx/Kinko, and print it. Costs me about ten cents American. I usually have to send it somewhere, so I can take care of that at the same time. I call them "My Office When I Am Away From The Office."
  • There was not an answer that matched this, but I typically use the color laser printer at work, by emailing the document I want to print to myself (if it is not already in an email) and then printing at work. A lot faster and nicer looking than the inkjet printer at home.

  • by downhole (831621)

    I do all of what little printing I need at work. Enormous color laser printer with every option under the sun, being maintained by professionals on contract beats the crap out of a cheap, slow inkjet with expensive cartridges that dry out or run out all the time, not to mention flaky 50MB drivers. Even keeping a cheap laser printer at home doesn't seem worth the trouble when my printing demand is around a few dozen pages a year. If I didn't work at an office with nice printers, I'd go to Kinkos (or whatever

  • I wish publishers would just stick to Arial and Times New Roman. You'd be surprised at just how hard it is to teach my sharks (with effing laser beams on their heads) to wiggle their heads for the newer fonts. Sometimes, I wonder if it's worth the effort.

    More seriously, I use a combination of printers depending on the circumstances. Laser for the bulk of my printing. Inkjet only for cover pages going against clear plastic covers. Toner tends to stick and bind against plastic covers while Inkjet pages s

  • I actually have an inkjet printer now, but there was a period of a couple of years in the middle of the last decade when I had no working printer at all, and if I needed to send something official I typed it out on my ancient Smith-Corona. It's still more reliable than any printer I've ever had.
  • by Nimey (114278) on Monday February 04, 2013 @08:42PM (#42792081) Homepage Journal

    I used to have a color laser (bought for my wedding so we could do our own invitations). It was a really nice printer, did PostScript and we had a ghetto sharing arrangement with my computer plugged into the parallel port & hers to USB. However, it (a Laserjet 2550) was loud and expensive to keep fed - a full load of toner plus a drum was nearly as much as the printer cost originally, and my wife has to print a lot because of her job (she's a teacher), so four toners would have to be replaced roughly every 18 months, and the drum every three years.

    So, since SWMBO wanted a scanner, I switched us to a Brother b&w multifunction. It was cheap (snagged for about $160), but had its own duplexer & Ethernet, and the black toner cost about 1/2 to 2/3 as much as the HP stuff. Thing's been trouble-free aside from the duplexer not liking paper pre-punched for a 3-ring binder, and did I mention it's a fuckton cheaper to operate? I could wish for PostScript so I could print from Linux without jumping through hoops, but honestly I rarely print so it doesn't matter.

  • I print personal stuff to pdf.

  • is what I really want.. But I'll settle for an LA-120 until then this boring mono-chrome laser will have to do

  • For photos: Walgreens. For the not-quite-once-a-month I need to actually physically print a traditional document for myself: work. I went through a couple inkjets before realizing that a) when they dry out, they're dead and b) it's a huge pain for try to force myself to even print enough to keep the nozzles clean. And then when they die, you have a supply of ink worth slightly more than the printer ever was. So fuck it.

    The S.O. doesn't like the delay involved in printing things from work (for the twice a ye

  • I rarely need to print something which can't wait until I'm at work - so maybe once or twice a year and most of the time it was me printing out a screenshot of a google map and an address.

    With my smartphone now, my print needs are even less than before, I mainly use it for passive aggressive messages to my douchebag neighbours in my apartment block to stop slamming their doors.

  • I used to use color inkjets at home. Epson only since their Linux drivers were said to be the best. The trouble with these things is that the ink inevitably dries out and they become unreliable in all kinds of ways. They never really break though, leaving you sort of stuck with them.

    I now have a whole stack of not really broken but not really working printers in my basement and have bought a Samsung black and white laser printer. It just works. And keeps working. It's awesome. I will never ever ever buy an

  • I use Gmail Paper []. When they announced it a couple of years ago I threw away my old printer. It only had trouble. Now I have no paper jams anymore.
  • I use the printer at work for personal printing, but since I own the company it is also my printer .....

    I choose "my own printer" because it fits the bill best.

  • by 6Yankee (597075) on Tuesday February 05, 2013 @11:34AM (#42796973)

    "Why would I need a printer? I have a job!"

    Six months later, when I was unemployed and needed to print a boarding pass in a hurry, it wasn't quite so funny!

  • .. my wife is on a mission to print the internet! She does this via my color laser printer.

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